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    来源:书业网 时间:2016-03-10



    Tribute to Diana


    Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity. All over the world, a standard bearer for the right of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcend nationality, someone with a natural nobility who was classless.


    This is the text of Earl Spencer's tribute to his sister at her funeral. There is some very deep, powerful and heartfelt sentiment. Would that those at whom it is aimed would take heed. The versions posted on several news services had minor errors. This is precisely as it was deliverd.

    I stand before you today the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning before a world in shock.

    We are all united not only in our desire to pay our respects to Diana but rather in our need to do so.

    For such was her extraordinary appeal that the tens of millions of people taking part in this service all over the world via television and radio who never actually met her, feel that they, too, lost someone close to them in the early hours of Sunday morning. It is a more remarkable tribute to Diana than I can ever hope to offer her today.

    Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity, a standard-bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcended nationality, someone with a natural nobility who was classless, who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.

    Today is our chance to say "thank you" for the way you brightened our lives, even though God granted you but half a life. We will all feel cheated, always, that you were taken from us so young and yet we must learn to be grateful that you came along at all.

    Only now you are gone do we truly appreciate what we are now without and we want you to know that life without you is very, very difficult.

    We have all despaired at our loss over the past week and only the strength of the message you gave us through your years of giving has afforded us the strength to move forward.

    There is a temptation to rush to canonize your memory. There is no need to do so. You stand tall enough as a human being of unique qualities not to need to be seen as a saint. Indeed to sanctify your memory would be to miss out on the very core of your being, your wonderfully mischievous sense of humor with the laugh that bent you double, your joy for life transmitted wherever you took your smile, and the sparkle in those unforgettable eyes, your boundless energy which you could barely contain.

    But your greatest gift was your intuition, and it was a gift you used wisely. This is what underpinned all your wonderful attributes. And if we look to analyze what it was about you that had such a wide appeal, we find it in your instinctive feel for what was really important in all our lives.

    Without your God-given sensitivity, we would be immersed in greater ignorance at the anguish of AIDS and HIV sufferers, the plight of the homeless, the isolation of lepers, the random destruction of land mines. Diana explained to me once that it was her innermost feelings of suffering that made it possible for her to connect with her constituency of the rejected.

    And here we come to another truth about her. For all the status, the glamour, the applause, Diana remained throughout a very insecure person at heart, almost childlike in her desire to do good for others so she could release herself from deep feelings of unworthiness of which her eating disorders were merely a symptom.

    The world sensed this part of her character and cherished her for her vulnerability, whilst admiring her for her honesty. The last time I saw Diana was on July the first, her birthday, in London, when typically she was not taking time to celebrate her special day with friends but was guest of honor at a fund-raising charity evening.

    She sparkled of course, but I would rather cherish the days I spent with her in March when she came to visit me and my children in our home in South Africa. I am proud of the fact that apart from when she was on public display meeting President Mandela, we managed to contrive to stop the ever-present paparazzi from getting a single picture of her.

    That meant a lot to her.

    These were days I will always treasure. It was as if we'd been transported back to our childhood, when we spent such an enormous amount of time together, the two youngest in the family.

    Fundamentally she hadn't changed at all from the big sister who mothered me as a baby, fought with me at school and endured those long train journeys between our parents' homes with me at weekends. It is a tribute to her level-headedness and strength that despite the most bizarre life imaginable after her childhood, she remained intact, true to herself.

    There is no doubt that she was looking for a new direction in her life at this time. She talked

    endlessly of getting away from England, mainly because of the treatment she received at the hands of the newspapers.

    I don't think she ever understood why her genuinely good intentions were sneered at by the media, why there appeared to be a permanent quest on their behalf to bring her down. It is baffling. My own, and only, explanation is that genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum.

    It is a point to remember that of all the ironies about Diana, perhaps the greatest was this; that a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age.

    She would want us today to pledge ourselves to protecting her beloved boys William and Harry from a similar fate. And I do this here, Diana, on your behalf. We will not allow them to suffer the anguish that used regularly to drive you to tearful despair.

    Beyond that, on behalf of your mother and sisters, I pledge that we, your blood family, will do all we can to continue the imaginative and loving way in which you were steering these two exceptional young men, so that their souls are not simply immersed by duty and tradition but can sing openly as you planned.

    We fully respect the heritage into which they have both been born, and will always respect and encourage them in their royal role. But we, like you, recognize the need for them to experience as many different aspects of life as possible, to arm them spiritually and emotionally for the years ahead. I know you would have expected nothing less from us.

    William and Harry, we all care desperately for you today. We are all chewed up with sadness at the loss of a woman who wasn't even our mother. How great your suffering is we cannot even imagine.

    I would like to end by thanking God for the small mercies he has shown us at this dreadful time; for taking Diana at her most beautiful and radiant and when she had joy in her private life.

    Above all, we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister: the unique the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana, whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.






    为了易于各人学习和理解,我尽可能加上名人生平先容和历史违景先容。 罗斯福:国会珍珠港演讲(中英文对照)

    Mr.Vice President,Mr.Speaker,Members of the Senate,and of the House of


    Yesterday,December 7th,1941--a date which will live in infamy--the United

    States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air

    forces of the Empire of Japan.

    The United States was at peace with that nation and,at the solicitation of

    Japan,was still in conversation with its government and its emperor

    looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific.


    Mr.Vice President,Mr.Speaker,Members of the Senate,and of the House of


    Yesterday,December 7th,1941--a date which will live in infamy--the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. The United States was at peace with that nation and,at the solicitation of

    Japan,was still in conversation with its government and its emperor

    looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific.


    Indeed,one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in the

    American island of Oahu,the Japanese ambassador to the United States and

    his colleague delivered to our Secretary of State aformal reply to arecent

    American message.And while this reply stated that it seemed useless to

    continue the existing diplomatic negotiations,it contained no threat or

    hint of war or of armed attack.

    It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it

    obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks

    ago.During the intervening time,the Japanese government has deliberately

    sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of

    hope for continued peace.

    The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian islands has caused severe damage to

    American naval and military forces.I regret to tell you that very many

    American lives have been lost.In addition,American ships have been

    reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francis co and

    HonoluluYesterday,the Japanese government also launched an attack against


    Last night,Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong. Last night,Japanese forces attacked Guam. Last night,Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands. Last night,the Japanese attacked Wake Island.

    And thi--orning,the Japanese attacked Midway Island.

    Japan has,therefore,undertaken asurprise offensive extending throughout

    the Pacific area.The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves.The

    people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well

    understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.

    As commander in chief of the Army and Navy,I have directed that all

    measures be taken for our defense.But always will our whole nation

    remember the character of the onslaught against us.

    No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated

    invasion,the American people in their righteou--ight will win through to

    absolute victory.

    I believe that Iinterpret the will of the Congress and of the people when

    Iassert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost,but will

    make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again

    endanger us.

    Hostilities exist.There is no blinking at the fact that our people,our

    territory,and our interests are in grave danger. With confidence in our armed forces,with the unbounding determination of our people,we will gain the inevitable triumph--so help us God. I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday,December 7th,1941,a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese empire. 以下是富兰克林・罗斯福国会珍珠港演讲中文翻译: 致美国国会: 昨天,1941年12月7日--一个遗臭万年的日期--美利坚合众国遭到了日本帝国海军和空军蓄谋已久的俄然袭击。







    昨夜,日本军队攻击了菲律宾群岛。 昨夜,日本人袭击了威克岛。 今晨,日本人袭击了中途岛。 因此,日本在整个承平洋地区范围承平洋地区范围策动了俄然攻势。发生在昨天和今天的事证实了这一点。美国人民很是明白,并且十分清楚这关系到我们国家的安全和保存的紧张事态。

























    1864年11月林肯再次当选为总统。1865年4月14日晚,林肯在华盛顿的福特剧院里被维护奴隶制的狂热分子J.W.布思开枪打伤,翌晨逝世。林肯:葛底斯堡演讲(中英文) The Gettysburg Address Gettysburg,Pennsylvania November 19,1863 Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent,a new

    nation,conceived in Liberty,and dedicated to the proposition that all men

    are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in agreat civil war,testing whether that nation,or any

    nation so conceived and so dedicated,can long endure.We are met on agreat

    battle-field of that war.We have come to dedicate aportion of that

    field,as afinal resting place for those who here gave their lives that

    that nation might live.It is altogether fitting and proper that we should

    do this.

    But,in alarger sense,we can not dedicate--we can not consecrate--we can

    not hallow--this ground.The brave men,living and dead,who struggled

    here,have consecrated it,far above our poor power to add or detract.The

    world will little note,nor long remember what we say here,but it can never

    forget what they did here.It is for us the living,rather,to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us--that from these honored dead we take increased

    devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of

    devotion--that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died

    in vain--that this nation,under God,shall have anew birth of freedom--and that government of the people,by the people,for the people,shall not perish from the earth. 主讲:亚伯拉罕林肯 时间:1863年11月19日







    ladies and gentlemen, good morning. it’s my great honor to be here and i am very happy to see you all. thank you for being here. what i am going to talk about today is how to speak good english. making

    first of all, i’d like to talk about the importance of speaking good english and share my experience in learning english with you. as you know, english has become an international language. wherever you go, english is always commonly used. it is convenient to know the language. at the same time, english may be the most important factor in deciding which countries are leaders in the future. the language of the most advanced management and technology is undoubtedly english. being able to absorb this information is really the key to the new century. in the 21century. we can’t go there and speak our own

    language because nobody is going to learn it in order to understand us. our asian rival, india, has surged ahead of other developing countries in information technology because of its superior english skills. unlewe are able to master english, we will not be able to get our population to use it and take advantage of the new economy. there is an urgent need to have a workforce which is proficient in the language in view of the information technology onslaught.

    second, about learning english, i think laying a strong

    foundation is the first and most important step. in other words, you should read and speak english every day. memorizing new words and

    phrases is also helpful. of course, learning english takes some time, so don’t be impatient. remember, rome wasn’t built in a day. and then since english is not our native tongue, we must develop the muscles of your speech organs to produce unfamiliar sounds. when you

    read, read as loudly as possible, as clearly as possible and as quickly as possible. tongue muscles’ training is of importance in learning any foreign language.

    third, if you want to speak good english, please don’t care how poorly well you speak, only care about catching the chances to speak. you must enjoy losing face, just forget about your face. the more you speak, the better your english will become. the more mistakes you make, the more progreyou will make. you must enjoy speaking poor english, because speaking is the only thing that will lead you

    towards success. don’t give up. just try your best. every time you move your mouth, your memory will deepen, your muscles will

    strengthen. you can make it.

    i have made a considerable amounts of public english speaking in my life, i am often asked why the crazy english method is better than other methods or if the crazy english method will help all english learners. my answer is, the method will help the english learners because it is a perfect match with the chinese principles of

    diligence, self-help and determination. mere exposure to english will not enable you to speak english. if you want to drive you have to get in the car and drive, if you want to dance you have to turn on the music and dance, if you want to swim you have to jump in the water and swim. in fact, swimming is the perfect comparison to learning english. you can’t learn to swim by sitting in a room and reading books about swimming skills. in order to be a swimmer you’ve got to conquer you fear, you’ve got to survive and suck in water, yell for help, you’ve got to lose face many times before you can make it. but, to be a good swimmer you’ve got to practice agai

    n and again. to be a great swimmer you have to practice for years until you can harmonize every part of your body and mind.

    finally, i want to greet you and encourage you to seize this

    unique opportunity to conquer english and make lifelong friends from all over our college. as you know, we are human beings ,not animals. we know what we want to do. we know our destiny is in our hands. with hard work and determination, we can do anything we set our mind to do. today, i will accompany you every minute on this unique journey. i want you to open your heart, i want you to be devoted, i want you to be crazy, i want you to forget about your face, i want to open your mouth wildly, i want you conquer your lazineand all the other human weaknesses, i want you to overcome all the obstacles that hold you back.

    i want to share your joy and i want to share your struggle, but most important of all, i want to share your glory and victory. we are the future of china, the future of asian, and the future of the world. we desire to win, we must win, we will win, absolutely, definitely, and without any doubt! form a painfully shy boy who felt terrible about himself, who regarded himself as human trash, a born loser, to an internationally recognized english promoter, i made it. so i

    strongly believe that you will make it too. i have confidence in you.